Intuitive Steps to Success Program

What's it costing you to stay stuck?

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Intuitive Steps to Success program 


- Discover your inner wisdom
- See clearly who you are and your purpose in life
- Uncover what's holding you back from being your true self
- Develop your vision for the future
- Create action steps to bring your vision to life

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Step by step Recorded Training sessions in bite size chunks, developing your intuitive skills to work through at a time that suits you

+ Weekly Open House sessions to embed your learning either online or by email

+ Closed support group for participants of the program.


Each month new members will be entered into a prize draw to win ONE free 90 minute coaching session​.

Yes, we really do care about your [business] success, and would love to start helping you straight away.

If you're unsure if this program is right for you right now (and the price will never be this low again), we'd like you to ask yourself:

"What is it costing me to stay stuck?"

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Topics covered

Step 1: Who are you? Looking at yourself through a new lens

Step 2: What's keeping you stuck? Staying stuck is easy. Looking in a new way helps you see new options

Step 3: Understanding your choices. We all have choices. Seeing them isn't always easy

Step 4: See your vision clearly. Focus creates reality. Seeing your clear vision helps you focus on it.

Step 5: Work out your next action steps. There's nothing to do only action to take

Why is the price so low?

Your success brings us joy. We want as many people as possible to be able to join this program which we know will help you take simple steps to success. It's not easy. It's not a quick fix which is why we're offering all the extra support. Our vision is to create a Success POD for People of Difference who want to create success for themselves and others and be kind to the world.

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The completion of 2019 and create a vision for 2020 workshop on Friday, Dec. 27, 2019, was great! The flow from one topic to another was well designed and I was able to identify a few things that I'm happy not to carry forward into 2020. I anchored my "word for the year" - this I'm using as my barometer for which things to develop and do as I move into 2020 and building my business. Thank you for a deep and grounding process that I know will help me stay connected to my true joy in the coming year.

Laura Donnelly business owner after Vision 2020 workshop